What if the most profound discoveries are right before you? Well…they are. The key to making them? Exploration.

We are husband and wife explorers that completed a 400-day around-the-world journey in 2016. We discovered that curious exploration and simplicity are behind some of the world’s greatest discoveries and latest innovations. Now, we aim to encourage and enable simple around-the-world travel to broaden your perspective, enhance your creativity, and realize innovation.

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Featured Discoveries

Stories of science, technology, entrepreneurship, exploration, and innovation uncovered from travel around the world.

We are a curious breed. Our curiosity has been behind some of the greatest inventions of all time from the wheel to harnessing nuclear energy for power. The same curiosity has pushed us to explore and discover everything from the America...


Featured Travel Tips

Tips and stories to help inspire your simplified travel to destinations around the world.

I’m typing this post up on a minibus in Laos as we jostle our way north to the town of Vang Vieng with 14 fellow travelers. What amazes me is the amount of stuff people are traveling with. Backpackers boarded with bags half their size, n...