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If you’ve ever considered putting a trip around the world on your bucket list, then look no further than these five inspiring blogs to get you on your way. Seriously, I think we poured over these blogs every few days once we knew our journey was imminent. We still check-in periodically to see what our fellow global explorers are up to when we need some tips, advice, or a little inspiration. And for those times when you start to think a trip around the world is a bit crazy? Well, these blogs convinced us that despite the challenges we will surely face, our effort will be worth it all. This is but a small listing of all the amazing blogs out there dedicated to around the world travel and jumping in to the global nomad lifestyle. We just simply can’t list them all. So once you skim through some of our favorites, have a little fun searching the internet and start unlocking more inspiring stories from around the world. Are there any others you’d like to share?

Hecktic Travels: Image Credit: Hecktic Travels

Pete & Dalene Heck run a go-to blog for us and were one of our original inspirations for our around the world journey. We can relate with their story and motivation to embrace life and hope that it might motivate you as well. Since 2009 this Canadian couple left their worldly possessions to pursue a life of travel, house-sitting their way across the globe. If you ever wondered what travel doors house-sitting could unlock, Pete & Dalene have you covered! And if Dalene’s stories don’t draw you in or inspire you, surely Pete’s amazing photography will do the trick. No need to take just our word as the Heck’s were noted as the 2014 “Travelers of the Year” by National Geographic.

What Jayleen Loves: How you are able to be immersed in the story and virtually participate on the journey, plus the photography is captivating.

What James Loves: There’s heart and soul in Dalene’s writing. While there certainly is no shortage of travel inspiration, the inspiration to live life to its fullest really comes through. And if you’ve considered house-sitting as a means of travel, they can be considered experts.

One World One Year Image Credit: One World One Year

A colleague of ours at NASA pointed out this blog to us and said, “Hey, these people are travelling around the world too, you should check them out!” And so we did. The timing was perfect as our detailed planning began about the same time Mark and Britnee Johnston set off on their journey.  They visited 26 countries in 365 days and are now back in the US; just click on a flag in the “Where We’ve Been” section off their homepage to be virtually transported on their journey.  As an added bonus, they give insight into how much their overall trip and unique experiences cost.

What Jayleen Loves:  The honesty of the blog, the inside knowledge of what to be thinking of for our trip, and their blog header and how they incorporated the nation’s flags to search through posts.

What James Loves: The Johnston’s travel parallels ours in a way. They pursued one year of world travel and left behind certainty and normalcy to follow a passion. Along the way, they’ve shared much insight from packing and budgeting, to extensive reviews of some of the places they stayed.

Getting Stamped Image Credit: Getting Stamped

Hannah and Adam are currently on a road trip across the US with a couple international destinations tossed in. They’ve been traveling around the world since 2013 (900+ days and counting) and have some great resources as we’re planning our trip.  Their photography transports you and is very unique and diverse which makes it fun to see what this couple is up to.

What Jayleen Loves: This couple seems to makes the most of every opportunity and the vibrant colors in the photos.

What James Loves: Hannah and Adam have a killer website. Beautifully laid out and easy to navigate with killer tips and resources throughout and photography that has you packing your bag. This is a one-stop travel blog whether you’re circumnavigating the globe or just off to your next vacation.

World of Wanderlust Image Credit: World of Wanderlust

This one is truly a travel + lifestyle blog started by a solo female traveler and now expanded to a team of six writers.  They have frequent postings and a variety of content to fill your travel interests and encourage you explore whether you are an adventurous, luxury, or solo traveler.  We’re curious to learn how these ladies pack all their hats that are featured in the images.

What Jayleen Loves: The blog’s “mission to inspire, intrigue and inform readers to travel to more places, more often” and the assortment of information offered by the female writers.

What James Loves: There’s just so many good resources here. From the .pdf city guides to tips on adventure travel, photography, and blogging. Oh, and then there’s the collection of recipes from around the world :).

Living in Another Language: Image Credit: Living In Another Language

Amanda and Derik started their journey in 2012 living abroad in Korea as English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers and are now living in New Zealand.  They are immersive travelers who take photos that make you say – I want to visit there! We love Amanda’s “What Travel Means To Me” list as we share the same sentiments of traveling as explorers, not tourists.

What Jayleen Loves: The simplicity to the site and how they challenge themselves to experiences outside of their comfort zones.

What James Loves: Their instagram feed transports you to beautiful locations around the world while their reviews of accommodations and tours inform you of where and how you should explore next.

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